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    best audio solution for DP67BG


      pretty sure I am there but just a sanity check





      External DAC/Headphone amp

      AKG 701 headphones

      Music Library stored in FLAC on NAS


      my DAC has USB, Toslink, and COAX inputs and currently connected via optical cable to rear port on mobo, realtek software is setup with Realtek Digital Output [optical] as default and set to 24bit 96k.[my DAC supports 192k]


      just a little confused that the preamp on the DAC is no longer active and I can only adjust volume via software, which suggests I am not getting a pure line level SPDIF signal


      Am I missing something or is this the best option for 2CH audio on this board ?

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          link doesn't work for me, and I'm trying to avoid additional costs for time being


          I have an Asus STX doing nowt atm and was thinking it might be worth throwing that in, but it already has a DAC and I'd be doubling up which seems a bit of a waste

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            Stephen wrote:


            link doesn't work for me, and I'm trying to avoid additional costs for time being

            That's because part of it is duplicated - if you copy and paste then delete the duplication it brings up a PCI soundcard. I quite understand you not wanting to spend extra though - especially given your board already comes with a reasonable Realtek CODEC Intel HD Audio solution. Before doing anything else, check that you have the latest (dated this month) drivers installed from the Intel website. A simple thing to check but it may make the difference and cost you nothing (other than perhaps download bandwidth)!

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              Toslink is always going to be two channel it depends on the sound card or stereo to decode it to 5.1 or 7.1 . I run my tosklink to my Yamha receiver and it decodes it to 5.1 sounds great no matter weather you are playing music a hard drive or a MP3 player.  or just windows Media Player.

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                It also depends on the media being played. My DG45ID connected through the optical/TOSLINK port (using default Win 7 SP1 sudio drivers) does things normally within Windows in Stereo eg TV and MP3 playback but if a Dolby Digital encoded 5.1 or 7.1 file is played (eg in Windows Media Player), the Dolby Digital light on my wireless headphone transmitter lights up and surround sound really starts working. The same is true if I play a Dolby Digital encoded DVD/Blu-ray or HD-DVD movie using TMT 5. Using the Intel IDT drivers, there is an option to have Dolby Digital all the time (encoded, then decoded again) but I've found this to be extremely unstable (it causes sound related lockups) so I'm using the Microsoft drivers.


                What's your experiece with the DG45ID and Dolby Digital Robert - I ask because I want to try and narrow down whether the above problems with Intel provided IDT drivers are specific to my board/hardware revision perhaps or are more widespread?


                [Edit: Modified last para to be less 'interrogationlike'.]