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    slow disk performance on S5500BC


      Dear Community,


      Our company has a strange disk  performance problem with a S5500BC server board. The server's  configuration is the following: S5500BC motherboard, two Xeon 5520  processors, 16 GB of RAM, 5 SATA disks. We also bought the SATA optional  key for Raid 5. For the first time, I configured a RAID5 level on the  integrated controller. I installed then Windows 2008R2 on the system. I  have experienced a very slow disk performance. The OS booted very slow  and file operations were also very slow. Disk wire cache was enabled on  the RAID volume. The volume often went to degraded state, it had taken  days to rebuild to volume. Then I configured RAID10 on the disks, with  one hot spare. I noticed slow performance, and volume degrading again.

      I  think we have some storage problem, probably something with the  controller. I have two questions about the problem: What could be the  problem, and how can I identify it? Is there some test program, to test  the controller?

      I thanks for the future answers in advance: