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    slow disk performance on S5500BC


      Dear Community,


      Our company has a strange disk performance problem with a S5500BC server board. The server's configuration is the following: S5500BC motherboard, two Xeon 5520 processors, 16 GB of RAM, 5 SATA disks. We also bought the SATA optional key for Raid 5. For the first time, I configured a RAID5 level on the integrated controller. I installed then Windows 2008R2 on the system. I have experienced a very slow disk performance. The OS booted very slow and file operations were also very slow. Disk writ e cache was enabled on the RAID volume. The volume often went to degraded state, it had taken days to rebuild to volume. Then I configured RAID10 on the disks, with one hot spare. I noticed slow performance, and volume degrading again.

      I think we have some storage problem, probably something with the controller. I have two questions about the problem: What could be the problem, and how can I identify it? Is there some test program, to test the controller?

      I thanks for the future answers in advance: