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    G45/43 - Only VGA Working


      Running Windows 7 64-bit, and I can't seem to get the DVI output from my motherboard to work with either of my monitors...I just get a "No Signal" message for DVI mode. I've tested both monitors with my pci express video card using both DVI cables, and everything was a-ok using that method. The problem seems to have to do with the G45/43 chipset, though I don't know what it would be. I tried using the latest drivers from Intel and the Microsoft update, but still only VGA mode works.

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          Without knowing anything about your monitors it is possible they are failing.  DVI capability would be the first to go.  The card has separate power and different drivers so it likewise would delay symptoms.  My monitors starting failing within months of one another on separate systems but with 2 years difference in age.  The symptoms are different on each but slow cold start (or cool) is common.

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            But they work just fine in DVI mode with my pci express card. In fact, I just bought one of them yesterday. The VGA problem only happens with the DVI port on my integraded card on mobo.

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              Well, I think I'm just going to go ahead and get a HDMI to DVI cord since supposedly there's no loss of quality, and I can dual-monitor from my pci video card or mobo & pci video card using HDMI and DVI. No idea what the problem is with the mobo graphics card, but I guess it isn't a big deal in this case due to alternative options.


              Does anyone happen to know if it would be better to dual-monitor from video card or combine the graphics power of mobo and video card (if the HDMI port works anyway)? I'm a big gamer, so any sort of boost would be nice. Never tried mobo graphics + video card, so I wouldn't know how that all works.

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                It's convenient to setup the onboard graphics for whenever you need to revert to it.  I would keep an eye out for new drivers for the monitors.  Windows may not keep up with those for new monitors so check the manufacturer's site.  Some monitor software apps can also interfere with operation.  There are plenty of complaints about the graphics but seldom any solutions mentioned.

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                  I have concluded that I will never again using an adapter for monitors.  My problem is limited to display sleep not computer sleep and hibernation and the display matters so use at your own risk.