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    i3-530: when monitor turn power off, then power on, no video signal any more


      Hi :


      I setup a new computer several months ago with the following hardwares/softwares:


      CPU: Intel i3-530
      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H55M-D2H rev 1.4 (BIOS version: F3)
      Monitor: Haier 22' LCD
      Video Cable: DVI
      Operate System: Windows XP Professional SP3
      Graphic Driver version: 2011/3/1 now (2010/9/28 before)


      When I turn the power of monitor off, then a sound like "USB device is plugged-in" will occured. Then I turn monitor power on, the light color of monitor is ORANGE, which means no video signal (it's BLUE color when there's video signal). This problem always reappear.


      This monitor works well with my previous computer, which is P4 3.0 CPU + ASUS P4GD1 motherboard.


      I've used computer for 10+ years, but I don't know how this happened this time, because it's my first time using such CPU with integrated graphic, I *guess* this problem may related to motherboard or CPU, I've asked Gigabyte support, no response yet.


      Any hint will be appreciated.