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    G45/G43 driver set Blank screen on Acer M3900 with Acer P186H monitor


      About a week ago my computer screen began to flicker than all the sudden it went blank.  It shows its receiving power but no display.  I tried the monitor on my other computer and it works just fine.  I put a CRT monitor on the Acer and it works.  I can boot into safe mode and the display shows up. I checked the display driver chipset and thought that it needed to be updated.  but before i did that I uninstalled the drivers to see if that woudl work.  I rebooted and it came up as a generic PnP display with generic display settings.  in other words i cant use the monitor the way it was meant for.  My next step was to reinstall new drivers.  I went from to 2182 then today I tried 2302. All of which dont work. I again disabled the driver and my screen works in generic PnP display.


      I am running Window 7 64 bit

      Current drivers are the latest 2302 driver set but it is disabled so i dont have a blank monitor.  I've even tried using older drivers prior to the 1808 and again no luck.  I'm begining to think it is a hardware issue witht he desktop.  Any suggestions?