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    DH67CLB3 fan control




      I've noticed that sometimes, even though there's no load on the cpu and the temperatures are ok, suddenly the fan speed goes at 100%. I've noticed that with the latest bios theres an updated fan control for my motherboard, although I don't know if this will fix this issue.


      Anyone had this problem ?

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          I've also noticed that the cpu fan speeding is somehow related to the Intel(R) Desktop Boards FSC Application Service. As soon as I stop this service the fan returns to it's normal speed.


          If I stress the cpu with prime95 afterwards, and monitor the fan speed with Speedfan, it behaves normally.

          Is it possible that this service behaves oddly on XP SP3 ? I've noticed that after installing the SP3, Realtemp core temperature readings were a little strange, most of the time the cores would have the same temp, even though it wasn't true. On Service Pack 2 Realtemp behaved normally.