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    need help connecting wifi to netgear push2tv


      Eveything seems enabled, the netgear box is in a "ready to connect" state... but from the "my wifi tech" screen,  the device is not seen... the current version of the the intel wifi tech is 14.0 running on dell inspiron i5 win7 64bit


      Dell's been no help, netgear had me reset their box and download the latest updates... nothings working.

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          Shashi Jain

          Sorry for your troubles here. One thing to realize is that the Adapter won't show up in the My WiFi technology screen until you've connected to it using the Wireless Display (WiDi) software.  Have you tried to connect to the adapter using the WiDi  software yet? If so, what kind of error message are you seeing?



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            I dont see any software to run with the exception of the intel wifi tech screen...


            that shows no devices


            so i'm not sure what software you refering to run as WiDi

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              Shashi Jain

              Intel Wireless Display is typically pre-loaded on certain laptops.  If your laptop has it, then a shortcut will appear on the desktop. You can find the software by pressing the Windows button in the menu bar and typing "WiDI" in the search field. An application called "Intel(R) WiDi" should appear in the list of search results. Start this application and click Scan. Your adapter should appear in this menu.


              If you are unable to find this application, then your laptop was not pre-loaded with Intel Wireless Display software and you won't be able to connect to the adapter.



              If your laptop has the requirements listed in this page, you may be able to run WiDi. Note that My WiFi technology is not sufficient to run Wireless Display, you need all the components:




              If you do meet all these requirements, software is downloadable from here.





              Note: pre-loaded is the only supported configuration, so you won't receive customer support from your PC manufacturer if you choose try to this.


              Good luck,



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                That app was throwing an error "unable to load the my wifi tech dll", I un installed it on recomendation from netgear people and tried to reinstall the current version from itel site, but it wouldnt install saying not supported...


                I have figured out that I tried to install before installing the WiFi tech and thats why it wouldnt work...


                So with the Wifi installed, the new version of WiDi installed and now it WORKS!