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    VGT vlan in 2008 R2 vm not working




      I have been banging my head for last week try to get guest vlan trunking (VGT) to work in a 2008 R2 server which is a VMware vm in my vSphere 4.1 farm.  I've downloaded and install the latest Intel drivers and utility (PROSet and ANS) and I've set up the vlans (10 in total), assigned static IP for each vlan and set a primary gateway on one of the vlan.  This is exactly the same setup I did about 4 years ago on a 2003 server and it works on that server but now I'm migrating over from that old 2003 server to a new 2008 R2 server and for some reason the vlans connection are not working the way it should be.



      VMware VM configure with Windows 2008 R2 and network vlan id is set to 4095 (all vlan).  BTW this is the same network vlan that is currently working under 2003.

      In the 2008 R2 server I have 10 vlan virtual adapters setup via the Intel ANS utility.

      A static IP and mask is assign for each of the 10 vlan adapters.

      On one of the vlan adapter I have a gateway, dns, and wins assign to it. This vlan adapter is recognize as a 'domain network' is is accessible from clients.

      On the other 9 vlan adapters they are recognize as 'unidentified network' and public network, mainly I think because there are no gateway assign to these.  The IPs on these 9 vlans are also not accessible from clients.


      My currently working 2003 server is setup exactly the same way and I am able to access (pingable) all 10 vlans from clients.

      You may ask why am I doing this or what is this server, well this server is our wake-on-lan (WOL) server and I need to be able to send WOL magic packets through the server.


      If anyone has any idea, suggestions, or can point me to some KB or docs that details on how to setup VGT on 2008 R2 it would be great. Now I've found articles on how to do this but it's for 2008 R2 and Hyper-V which is completely different.


      Thanks in advance.