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    Win 7 BSOD/crash/restart loop due to HD Graphics Driver (DH67CL)


      I have a Intel i7-2600k/DH67CL combo running windows 7 ultimate (64-bit) with a DVI-D monitor.  While trying to install windows I noticed that it kept on crashing when I'd update the drivers from the CD.  Installing them one at a time manually I found out that it was the Intel HD Graphics Driver that caused my system to crash.  When ever I install any version of the driver it causes my system to crash (currently my display driver Standard VGA Graphics Adapter), sometimes before it loads windows, sometimes the moment it comes to the log in screen.  I have the latest BIOS (4/15/2011 version) and I believe the rest of my drivers are up to date (the intel Driver Update Utility just seems to hang when I try to run it, but I think that is an unrelated issue).  I saw there was another similar thread, and I tried everything that thread suggested, but it seems like whenever I load any video driver it causes my system to crash--thoughts?


      My System:

      CPU: Intel i72600k

      MB: DH67CL

      1 HD: Crucial 300c SSD-128GB

      2 HD: WD Caviar Black HDD-2TB

      RAM: Corsair Dominator-16GB

      Monitory: Dell 2007FP (Digital)