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    3945ABG does not update


      Hello there,


      I have downloaded the version of the driver (just the driver) and I have downloaded the complete package (including the ProSet software) but whenever I check the driver version after the download it just shows me that I have version

      How do I update correctly?


      (When I used the complete package it put everything in to ~\Program Files\Intel\Driver\... but then again those new files were from last year.)


      It is a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 with Win XP Professional.


      Thank you for your help.

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          Make a system retore point. That way if things don't work correctly, you can go back to what you have now.


          After you have the system restore point go to...


          start, control panel, programs and features(add/remove programs). Look for the Intel ProSet drivers. Uninstall, then restart your computer.


          Then install the new drivers. Cannot remmeber if a restart is also needed after the new drivers are installed.




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            thank you for your response but I don't think it is the update mechanism itself. I have a feeling I just get old files off the Intel website. The dates of the files point to last year in Program Files/Intel/Driver/... and the update actually works perfectly (=without an error message). So a restore point won't help.


            - Urdypooh

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              I am having the same issue.  The latest 3945ABG download seems to have the drivers, not the 13.5.0.
              I tried downloading both the drivers only and full install.  After running full install, the C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\Drivers folder has the drivers.

              I have uninstalled all previous versions, deleted the intel folder and still same issue.

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                I tested it again with Win 7 Ultimate 64bit with the same result.

                I agree with ksr that the exe files contains an old version and not version 13.5.0

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                  Same thing over here. The package contains the (buggy) drivers.

                  Anybody from Intel reading this?

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                    Does anyone have a solution for this?  I still can't update this driver.

                    • 7. Intel Pro wireless 3945ABG drivers does not update

                      Same issue for me.  Even when I update the Intel Pro wireless 3945ABG to the latest driver version I always have driver version:

                      I tried uninstalling and it still installs version

                      Anyone have a solution for this?

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                        The current driver for the Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection is


                        Thank you,




                        Intel Customer Support

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                          The issue I am having is the Intel's driver update utility informed me that there is a software update for my 3945ABG adaptor.

                          I installed the updated Intel Proset/Wireless WiFi connection Utility software version  for the 3945ABC network adaptor.

                          After you install the Intel Pro Wireless 14.3.0 utility software it gives you a error message that the Software utility version does not support the 3945ABG Network Connection driver version and suggests to update the driver to a supported version?

                          If the driver is the latest version for 3945ABG adapter, why isn't it compatable with the latest Proset/Wireless WIFi Connection utility software version

                          Why can't the latest intel proset/wireless wifi connection utility updater install a 3945ABG driver that is compatable with the latest software?

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                            The same here. Intel Support DOES NOT ANSWER to such question. They stated "3945ABG is in EOS/EOF".


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                              I don't see on Intel's support pages that the 3945ABG adaptor is end of life and not supported? I see that is still active.

                              I did see mentioned that driver version for 3945ABG adaptor will not be updated with the latest software updates.

                              Though when I update the software I see the error /warning that latest 3945ABG adaptor driver is not compatable with the latest version 14.3.1 software


                              I wish intel will respond to this or I have to start a new thread since it looks like this thread is considered already "answered".

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                                I am also facing some issues with 3945ABG Network adapter.I bought my HP Pavellion Laptop 4 years back (Which came with Vista YUK).. which I had to upgrade to Windows 7 by shelling Re 5000, and till then I am strugling to get the drivers for my laptop; Some how managed to run all the components on my laptop. HP site even does not support Windows 7 for my laptop (Great!!!).


                                Recently I was trying to create "Virtual WiFi", Nice looking feature if Windows 7 (Where you can convert your laptop to a virtual hotspot and share the internet,with other devices) but found this adapter does not support that feature.  Now I have to spend some more money to get a wifi router.


                                Even I am wondering why even invest in PC and Laptop now, I can very well sell my Laptop and get a nice smart phone, which will eventually serve a wifi hotspot ( wondering if this feature can implimented so easily in mobiles, whats a great deal in implementing this in Laptops).


                                Come on Intel, Please care for your existing customer and dont make us feel useless and helpless, as we dont have any other way to get the support for our existing systems if manufactires itsself is stopping the support of the drivers and devices sold just 4 years back :-(


                                Hope you will include the virtual wifi. hotspot feature and support for other issues mentioned above.


                                Your frustrated customer;

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                                  An update of Intel Pro wireless 3945ABG for Windows 8.1?

                                  Drivers of Windows 8 don't work on this last O.S.


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                                    The Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection is only supported by Intel® in Windows* 7 or older operating systems. In Windows* 8 you may get a Microsoft* inbox driver. Please refer to the articles below.


                                    Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Which operating systems are supported by Intel� Wireless Products?


                                    Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Intel� Wireless Products and Microsoft Windows 8*


                                    Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Intel� Wireless Products and Microsoft Windows 8.1*

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