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    Turbo Memory support


      Is there any? I can't find any. Anyone from Intel care to comment? Having spent £120 on a Turbo Memory Card, it is not working. Device manager says it is there, but the dashboard says it is not working. There is no indication in the documentation how top resolve this, no indication as to installation procedures - i.e. insert card and then install software, or vice-versa.


      None of the support categories in "Contact Intel" - here, http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=chipset - cover Turbo Memory.



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          I think intel has completely stopped suppoting this product. Last drivers are dated 8/17/2009 and are working horrible...ITMservice.exe is constantly using 50% of the cpu! Thats a big problem in a laptop...think of battery...hello Intel do you read?