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    D845GLLY Motherboard Memory Compatibility...


      Recently I've been looking at a system that is running XP on the D845GLLY motherboard with only 384MB ram.  As it was quite slow it seemed that the bottle neck was the memory and I was looking to upgrade to 1GB if possible.


      Here is the boards details for memory:



      I bought two sticks of Samsung 512MB PC-133 SDRAM (64x4 16C 100731) but on inserting the memory into the machine I get three beeps about a second long and a second apart.  As far as I can see for the memory compatibility this board 'should' take this memory.


      Since initially trying the memory I've upgraded the BIOS to the latest one available for the board (LY84510A.86A.0043.P17) and also cleared the CMOS but neither seemed to have helped the problem.


      I'd be grateful if anybody can advise on what to try next or if there is any issue you can see with the board/memory being used.


      Thanks for any help.



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          It seems the beep code, according to the Intel manual, means 'First 64 K memory failure':


          Table 36. Beep Codes
          Number of Beeps  Description
          1 Refresh failure
          2 Parity cannot be reset
          3 First 64 K memory failure
          4 Timer not operational
          5 Processor failure (Reserved; not used)
          6 8042 GateA20 cannot be toggled (memory failure or not present)
          7 Exception interrupt error
          8 Display memory R/W error
          9 (Reserved; not used)
          10 CMOS Shutdown register test error
          11 Invalid BIOS (such as, POST module not found)


          Checking a few solutions on the net they seem to indicate that this 'memory' is located on the motherboard itself, rather than being a ram problem.  I can't see that being the case though as the original memory in the PC works fine and boots up every time, surely if it was the case then no memory would work in the motherboard.


          I'm still not sure why memory that I believe fits the specification will not work.



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            Please let me Know whether I can increase the memory to 1 GB Ram. If so give details.

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              Prasanta, was that a question to me?



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                I've now tried resetting the CMOS by leaving the battery out overnight and also by resetting the BIOS jumpers to clear the memory, but still the three beeps if the 2 x 512MB are in the Motherboard.


                Either the motherboard cannot take the 2 x 512MB OR the ram is bad, although I can't se why both sticks would be bad.  I have no way of testing the ram to see if it is OK and no memory to swap into the machine to see if it works, so I'm sort of stuck now!