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    DH67GD with new bios 110 IDU is showing PCH temperature  0°C



      After upgrading DH67GD from bios rev. 105 to rev. 110 IDU is now showing a PCH temperature of 0°C.
      This is with IDU but going back to gives the same result.
      Before bios upgrade typical PCH temp.was 50°C. with both IDU releases.

      System is:
      DH67GD, core i5 2500, 8GB DDR3 PC10600 cas 9 1,5V, windows 7 64bit no RAID (AHCI only) PCH is H67 rev B2. disk drives on 6Gb/s ports.

      All drivers (including management engine rev. 1065) are the latest, the issue was the same before and after upgrading video and audio drivers to the latest release.

      This is just to inform some involved Intel people looking at this thread, if any, and also users who observe the same issue.
      I know that it is a long and hard process to make a single  IDU software follow all those platforms.
      Probably nothing to do except waiting the next IDU rev.