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    Can I upgrade my BIOS from version 5417 to 5559 in my DX58SO?




      I have a mother board DX58SO running fine with the BIOS version 5417. I am still running with this version because I am afraid of loosing the RAID configuration with the new versions of the SATA RAID (when I tried to upgrade to 5456 last year, I lost the RAID, could not get the PC working and I had to reverse the Bios to version 5417).


      Please inform if I will not loose RAID configuration/synchronization if I go to Bios version 5559.





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          As far as I know, I have not come across any issues while upgrading the bios for this board.

          Yes, there is one thing that i used to do after upgrading the bios on my board.

          Before allowing the OS to boot from the hard drive configuration, i went into the bios by pressingf F2 and made sure that my sata port are configured as raid.

          Advanced >> Drive Configuration >> Configure SATA as RAID.

          Save and Exit.


          The reason for this is because after a bios update, the new bios is set as to default configuration, hence the sata ports are configured as IDE.


          Anyway, you can give it a try if you want. I would always make sure that i do have a back up for my precious data.


          Here is the latest bios release notes where you can see the fixes


          All the best,