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    CIR Header question


      I am looking to upgrade my DG45ID motherboard currently being used as my home theater PC. I use an internal infrared receiver for my media center remote connected to the CIR receiver header. The motherboard I was thinking of upgrading to has a CIR header with a completely different pin layout. I was wondering if someone could help answer this for me because I do not want to have to purchase a whole new infrared receiver.


      Most Intel motherboards I've seen in the past few years have the same consumer infrared headers as my DG45ID -- one header for the receiver and one for the emitter. Most CIR headers I've seen on other manufacturers' motherboards have one CIR header that contains both the receiver and transmitter pins. Since I do not use the emitter, I was wondering if I could just connect the +5 V standby connector and ground connector to the pins of the same name, then connect the "CIR Input" connector to the IRRX pin and leave the IRTX pin disconnected. Can anyone tell me if this would allow my infrared receiver to still receive a signal from my media center remote?

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          Your idea sounds good but not all infra red receivers are created equal so you'd need to check with your proposed new motherboard's manufacturer to see if your hardware will work with their board. This is especially important if it's not an Intel chipset based motherboard. The motherboard manual may be some help - I seem to recall that there's info somewhere on Intels website about what IR gear to use with the DG45ID's headers. Otherwise you could always use a USB I/R solution (perhaps contained within your new PCs chassis).

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            Inteset sells an Intel CIR module and IR remote that works with this header. Gets you S5 capability (power up from off state).