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    Black Screen with with mbook m1 and windows 7



      I have this netbook and I have Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit installed on it.


      The problem is that when I install the graphics drivers and reboot I see only a black screen.I hear sounds of windows loging in, I hear sound when I plug a flash drive, but there is no image.


      Only way to fix this is to boot in safe mode and rollback to the default driver which is "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter".


      I tryed , 2026, 2019 and 2011 and it's the same thing.


      The netbook is working but there is no image.

      I can't post a GMA diagnostic report since I don't have an Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel in safe mode.

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          My 240GT nVidia Control panel would not open after updating to SP1 and IE9.  The latest driver (today) fixed this.  This has not been an issue with my Intel graphics but perhaps the netbook differs.  The best bet, particularly if the OS is not the original, is to get a driver from the supplier.  Some reports can be found in adminstrative tools event viewer and window logs application but they are not too informative.