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    DP55KG BIOS drive boot order keeps reverting to defaults


      I have a weird intermittent problem with my DP55KG motherboard where the device boot order in the BIOS occasionally changes by itself. This has worked perfectly fine since I have had the MB (many months), but started acting up about a month or so ago.


      The setup is as follows. There are three SATA hard drives:


      Hard Drive #1) Windows 7 (C: drive)

      Hard Drive #2) Centos 5.6 Linux

      Hard Drive #3) Windows 7 (E: drive).


      The operating systems are completely independent of each other. In other words there is no dual booting going on. I use the F10 key to select the drive that I want to boot from if I opt not to use the default boot-up drive.


      Now here is the problem. Approximately once a week or so the BIOS boot order magically changes.


      Here are the specific details:


      1) I set up the BIOS so that the Windows drive is the first drive to boot as the default. This works for several days, several boot ups per day.

      2) Then I randomly turn on the computer. The power supply turns on, the motherboard LED’s light up and it appears to be starting up normally. However, a couple of seconds into the hardware start-up, the computer shuts itself down.  It has not reached the OS level.  I am not sure it has reached the BIOS level or not.

      3) A couple more seconds later the computer turns itself on again (So it is actually resetting itself rather than turning off completely).

      4) The computer starts up OK, but now the computer loads the Linux drive. Subsequent reboots verify that it is using the Linux drive as the first drive in the boot order of the BIOS. I am forced to hit F10 to select the Windows drive.

      5) I have to go back into the BIOS and change the boot order again to have Windows boot up first automatically.


      I have changed the battery once already because I was getting POST problems a while ago, but that problem has been resolved, so the battery should be OK. No errors show up in the BIOS logs. No other BIOS values are lost or changed. I am currently using BIOS version 5921, although I did try the most current BIOS and it did not fix the problem.