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    Xeon and core i7 compare


      Hi i ve got question im not sure that is in proper section ; but if you be so kind, answer me; so the point is i need to know if i buy myself motherboard that supports two physical processors for example intel , evga or assus , and it is for socket LGA 1366 , can i put at the begining just one physical processor and it will be working , than save some more money an buy another one for example half- year later , of course with the same parameters . My second question is can i do this with xeon processors , and are they only ones that they cooperating with themselves , or a may buy Intel core i7 with 6cores and put another one later for example for six months later, i mean does this will be working as well , or it is just posssible this 2x physical processors only for xeon solutions .

      I really need to know taht becouse i'm 3D graphic designer im rendering a lot , working with video , and many more like 2D , and im trying to find what is the best for me , and what you think is better for me , of course i dont have 7000$ this is too much . I Found already motherboard for myself witch is Asus taht supports 144GB of ram , but i dont know that i need taht much .

      And Last question maybe more difficult is what cen you reccomend for me becouse indel for last couple years is making processors for Apple Mackintosh as well , so meybe maybe is better for me buy apple , with intel processors of course two of them (physical) , i mean i had read a lots of articles and i dont know , what is better , im working with windows for 15- years , and im sometimes really upset and a ve heard that mac os system is much better , so if i chose PC platform with Windows , probably i will buy myself this moterboard that is supporting 144GB , becouse application uses a lots of ram , at the beginning for example Photoshop CS5 , of course more lasting platform is preffered , i mean no shutting downs without any reason , or reseting to much , so ECC ram is preffered but not only im asking about processor , And very last thing is i really need to use this computer for couple of years max to 10 , and don't spend any more money for it , i really dont need to have hedache about hardware for this years , i need to fully focus myself on software .


      Thanks with regards for answering me as soon as possible Michael Zywert.