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    i5 2400s on DQ67EP




      got my i5-2400s cpu and DQ67EP board today. After installing everything and first Power ON, i got no video signal.

      No beep, no led signal (still green) so it seems the configuration is still ok!


      Is there maybe something i "can" forget? Pay attention to something? I have absolutely no clue what to do next.


      I tries to connect via DVI and VGA.


      Many thanks for help.



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          Make sure to use the blue DVI connector and the blue adapter to VGA for a connection to a monitor.


          There should be at least one post beep when things first fire up.


          What RAM is installed on the board?

          What CPU?



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            Imagine Mei

            similar setup--found that the HD graphics driver that is on the MB Express Installer disk (if you don't use the disk or this driver on the disk, windows update will try to install the same driver for you if you do not de-select it) doesn't seem to work--causes a black screen during boot due to no video signal.  The generic driver windows setup installs works at high resolution but will install at poor resolution--so you have to adjust it.  Haven't found a better solution for myself yet.  System seems to think it has a VGA card.  Found a lot of people posting the same problem and no real solutions yet.




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