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    Why won't Win 7 Prof not NOW boot with portable external drives?


      I am running Windows 7 Professional, 64bit with motherboard GA-P55A-UD7, 8Gb, i7 870 CPU and a 64Gb SSD.


      For months I have had a Samsung S2 640Gb portable external connected.  I have switched on the system with the drive attached to a USB2.0 port AND with the drive unattached quite happily.  I gave the drive away and bought another Samsung S2 640Gb portable external but this time, a USB3.0 model.


      I connected the new portable external to a USB3.0 port and switched on and copied various files to the new drive.  BUT, thoughout the copying phase, my mouse from a Logitech MX5500 keyboard/mouse combo now moves very jerkingly and iratically.  The mouse movements were so bad that I had to unattach the USB3.0 portable external.


      I attached the new portable external to a USB2.0 port and Win 7 warns that it can run faster on a USB3.0 port (as I expected) but the mouse works perfectly.


      Then I noticed that the system WON'T boot with the USB3.0 portable external on either USB3.0 or USB2.0 ports.  The drive runs after Windows has loaded, jerkyly/iratically on USB3.0 and perfectly on USB2.0.  I have tried reformating the drive fully and changed it from FAT32 to NTFS, still won't boot with it attached.


      So I went out and bought an Iomega 1Tb USB2.0 portable external and the system won't boot with THAT attached either!  Cursiouser and curiouser as it booted perfectly with the USB2.0 640Gb portable external.  I "quick" reformatted this drive too with no success.


      So, 2 questions....


      1) Why does the mouse misbehave with the USB3.0 portable external attached to a USB3.0 port?

          (I have asked this question on the Logitech forum with no reply as yet!).


      2) Why does the system NOT want to boot with either portable external drive attached?


      Help! Please....