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      i have a DP55WB mobo on a i7 860 Cpu


      3 days ago my computer was on standby, when i waked it up, there was no display, i turn it off from power source and all of a sudden it no longer works


      it doesnt boot into bios, no video display at all

      it takes longer time to give the regular beep at booting, then 2 long beeps then pauses then it gives 2 long beeps again then it hangs


      i disassembled it all, putting nothing but a working video card and power supply from another computer, it didnt work too, does the same thing


      i changed the jumper in mobo to recovery, then started, it booted correctly, then put jumper back to normal, it worked


      today it did the same thing again (it hanged)?? did the same thing and it worked again,


      someone please help me, is it hardware issue or what??