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    3tb drives only show as 2tb in SRCSASPH161 controller (Ctrl+G)


      Just got this (very nice) 16-drive capable card, and thought I would pair it up with 6 of the new Hitachi Deskstar Sata3 3tb drives.


      No problem detecting the card or working my way through creating a Raid6 array, but the 3tb drives only showed up as 2tb each.


      I expected the drives (not for O/S at all, simply storage with MS SBS2011 Essential Svr) to show up in all their splendour.


      Just checked the Card during a reboot...


      BIOS: MT33 (Oct 24 2007)

      Firmware Package Version:

      Firmware Version: (Mar 18 2010)


      Hope the extra info helps... Would appreciate any guidance please.