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    Intel(R) X58/ICH10R


      Hey all,

      I am currently having an issue with my Win XP Pro x64 sometimes lagging/locking up at startup. It happens more often than not, causing me to constantly restart. Whilst trying to enter windows via safe mode, it hangs at acpitabl.dat. I have read many posts online stating it has to do with the SATA drivers (whether or not that is the issue I don not know) and that the drivers may be out of date on the ASUS website.

      So I have come here to look for updated drivers being Intel(R) X58/ICH10R chipsets...and I find absolutely NOTHING.

      In fact the Chipset Identification Utility FAILS to identify my chipsets.

      At any rate, if the issue is outdated chipset versions, I need to find newer ones. Or on the flip side, if the chipsets are not causing the issue...


      System specs:

      Asus P6T mobo

      Intel i7 930 @ 2.8Ghz

      6 gigs Patriot Sector 7 + 6 gigs Patriot Viper Ram

      Nvidia GTS 250 1Gig video

      WinXP Pro x64


      Any other specs needed let me know.thx.