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    Spare area and NAND size on 160GB 320/G3


      Please confirm the user-available area, spare area, and size of the NAND chips used in the 160GB G3. My understanding is that the 320-series uses a 10-channel architecture with 6.25% spare area as follows:


      600GB: 640GB total area, 40GB spare area (6.25%), 20 x 32GB NAND, 2 NAND per channel
      300GB: 320GB total area, 20GB spare area (6.25%), 10 x 32GB NAND
      120GB: 128GB total area, 8GB spare area (6.25%), 8 x 16GB NAND


      Therefore, shouldn't the 160GB version have the following architecture?


      150GB: 160GB total area, 10GB spare area (6.25%), 10 x 16GB NAND


      According to the product spec, the 160GB model has 312,581,808 sectors = 160,041,885,696 bytes of user-addressable space. In order to have 6.25% spare area, the SSD would need a total capacity of ~171GB. What is the size of each NAND chip? Or is it 160GB total area and 0% spare area?