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    BIOS Version 0516 on D510MO fails to detect any hard disk


      I upgraded from -BIOS Version 0154 to BIOS Version 0516. I previously ran WHS and Win7 (not at the same time!) on the mobo SATA channel with ACPI.


      After the upgrade no operating system found. Starting with a new disk Win7 also fails to fing a storage device.


      The system also has a SII 3124 ( add-in card upgraded to (6.6.0), but I am by passing it for now and sticking to the onboard SATA.


      Is there a fundamental problem with this combo? Anyone else?





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          I am running Windows Home Server as well and also am having the same issues. I upgraded from the j version to the n bios and all went well but now it has boot issues.  I have a Sil 3114 PCI card installed and after the update it gets past the boot screen and then hangs.  Since it is a home server box I am using the 4 sata ports on the card plus the two internal headers as well.  Oddly, if I remove three of the drives sata headers from the Sil card WHS boots normally.  Otherwise it will hang and end up with a blank screen.  Since one of the drives is still connected via the PCI card my thought is that there is another bug in the bios that needs to be fixed.