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    Intel i5-2400 cpu temp question




      After stress testing with prime95 (max heat) for 20 mins, I've noticed these temps 65-69-70-64 - room temp 21-22 C.

      In idle I get 30-31-34-32, on normal usage (gaming for example) I noticed 49-50-52-49, sometimes I hit a max of 55.

      I've noticed that this processor runs cooler than my previous E8400, although on full load, all four cores at 100% it reaches 70 C.


      Are these temps normal for the stock cooler ?


      Should I worry about the cpu temp at a room temp of 27-30 (summer) with 4 case coolers running at medium/high ? Let's say that under stress testing in the summer I would get a +5 C.