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    Case speaker connection on DH67CL


      Where does the case speaker cable connect on the DH67CL motherboard???

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          I was wondering the same thing but I don't think there is a connection for a case speaker. I had a good look today on the motherboard and in the manual and can't see any reference to a speaker header.


          There's a small speaker mounted directly on the motherboard, but on the two DH67CL's I have, neither are beeping on boot. I couldn't see any settings in the BIOS to enable/disable the speaker so I'm not sure how you get this speaker working yet.

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            No header is provided for plugging in a chassis speaker because a speaker is provided on the motherboard. Why? Because the bulk of chassis sold today do not include a speaker. The beep at the end of BIOS POST has been removed in later BIOS releases. Why? Because a lot of people complained about this beep being an annoyance...

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              Thanks very much for your post spearson. That clears up those two mysteries.

              Any ideas on how to get the speaker to beep so I know it's working?

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                Well, there a number of ways that you can cause a beep. If you remove all of the memory sticks, you will hear three beeps when this is detected. That's an intrusive one, so likely a last resort; let's list as couple you can do without opening your case. First of all, the Fast Boot (formerly called HyperBoot) feature, if enabled (in the Boot menu of BIOS Setup), can be overridden by holding the power button in for more than 2 seconds when powering on the system - and this will generate some beeps. Finally, the simplest, I think that there are still beeps produced if you power on the system with a key on the keyboard held down (keep holding it until you hear them)...

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                  Thanks for those ideas Spearson. I wasn't able to get a beep from the last two methods, but removing all the memory worked - produced three beeps on power on.