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    Intel HD Graphics i3-530 BIOS



                I have the Intel HD i3 530. In the BIOS, in video configuration i am shown three options for the memory


      3.Maximum DVMT.

           Is there any method to be able to fix the memory to something like say 1 gb? i.e to get options like following in the BIOS

      1.128 mb




      5.maximum DVMT.

           the Graphics options shows maximum graphics memory 1.4 gb.

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          Hello shreyas,


          I see that you are inquiring about any method to be able to fix the amount of shared memory.


          In regards to your inquire, the Intel(R) Dynamic Video Memory Technology will use only the amount of RAM memory that it will require when running each application, and there is no way to set it to a minimal amount, only a maximum.


          The options that are set in your BIOS are to limit the maximum amount of memory that the video controller can use, in other words if you set it to 256MB, the graphics controller may only use 90MB but when you have an application that requires more than the 256MB it will not be able to go beyond this.