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    SS4000-E Command Level


      I purchased my third SS4000-E NAS system.  I am using this one to store my movies and music for Apple TV.  I put two files on the drive by mistake and wish to remove them, but it is not allowing me to do so.


      Is there a command level connection capibility that will allow me to get to the files and possibly use something like a chmod to change protections on the files?

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          There is, but you'll be at root level from a command prompt for the operating system and you can mess the system up to the point of no functionality. I need to figure out in the lab exactly how to do that before I "just guess" at it. I'll put more here Monday for you.


          Regarding the inability to delete the files? Where did you put them? In the public folder? In a user home folder? Do you have a drive letter mapped to that network location from your computer? Are there permission issues on the local machine preventing the actions you're trying to do?


          Files placed in the public folder have read write and execute permissions for the owner of the file and the group that the owner belongs to. There is no permissions for other users. Stuff stuck in the public folder usually has an owner of "guest". So if you map a drive to, say, \\<SS4000 IP Address>\public and login in with user guest and password guest, you should have all the permissions you need to delete there.


          What firmware version are you running?