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    detect motherboard models remotely?




      I have over 100 computers,

      say 50 of them have dq35's and dq45's but with recent motherboard replacements that may not be the case anymore.

      but I am working with Symantec Ghost, and I am creating different images for each hardware type because I am not going to use sysprep anymore, but instead have a single image for each hardware type. (which they are about 4 or 5 of them)


      but I don't know where each motherboard are in the computer rooms.


      Now I have a few options to find out.

      1. Install a program on each computer i.e cpuz and run it...

      which will take ages

      2. Use the Intel AMT website, i.e http://computername:16992

      may take less time to do, but have to type in the user and password on every single web page of the machine.

      3 Now, I thought I try out Intel System Defense Utility, but this keeps crashing on any computer I use, XP, Win7, Server 2003, I used to use a previous version which I don't have anymore, which worked more reliable. but ISDU v2 doesn't seem to be stable enough to run.


      As I thought ISDU might tell me what motherboard model is on each machine that it finds and connects to.


      but now the question is, why does ISDU prgram crash all the time?

      I have tried it on WinXP with and without being in the domain.

      Win7 with and without being the in the domain, but this is a different message, it says it can't find a certain file then uninstalls itself, even though that file was there in the directly.


      well another question

      is there a to detect motherboard models remotely without doing anything?