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    notebook CPU upgrade




      If a notebook installed with a PGA988 socket CPU is it possible that this motherboard does not support a same category but faster CPU? I mean if the factory installed CPU is i7-720QM is it possible that it will not work with i7-840QM? The only difference is the speed according to the compare chart at www.intel.com. And for the Extreme Editions the difference is the “Max TDP” 55W vs. 45W from the “normal” edition. And of course the Bus/Core Ratio witch I don’t know what the hell could be.

      I’m researching this because I have to upgrade four notebooks – 1 Acer Aspire 8942G, 1 Dell Studio XPS 1647, and 2 Sony VAIO VPF13Z1E – and I really do not want my customer to pay nearly $4000 for nothing. Do anyone had the same kind of problem to solve?