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    CAD rendering dual xeon vs 990x


      I am looking to put together a CAD machine and have had good luck with the 980x procs but was wondering if a dual xeon config would be better.  If anyone has any feedback or good threads discussing this it would be much apreciated.  Also, I am looking at roughly $1000 per machine for procs so that puts me in the 5 series or E3 series xeons.  The main concern is render time as well, trying to cut down the 24 hour renders.  Thanks for any feedback.

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          Here is a thread I worked some issue in with a 3d animation and visual effects designer.

          He built a killer system!


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            I read your notes, and I am nearly bought a system with 990x, have you had any feedback, I got or had in the past a xeon server that I converted to pc so I could do farming but never had success+xeon fans very noisy, it could be I was using a converted server nevertheless it was not a match to I7-920mhz.


            I understand that xeons need to be double which means a different matherboard,, I never found about multy tasking of xeons i,e different applications at sametime which doesnt work on 920 at all, one CADxAccurender image per time. Well hope you got some feedback I am very keen to buy the fastest intel avilable for 3 years to come.


            Regards Libaax5