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    Two PCI devices without drivers


      It is about Laptop from Asus, V1S.

      With Vista 32bits on it.


      Device manager shows in category Others two devices without any driver assigned to:

      - vendor 8086, device 2A07, it might be a rs232 port

      - vendor 8086, device 2A04, PCI devices database claim it was "Intel PCI communication controller on Q965/Q65"

      Along with OS all device drivers had been installed, for peripheries/devices in this laptop of any kind.

      Also driver for Intel chipset had been installed.

      I wonder why it didn't succeed for these two devices.

      Manual try done to find a driver on whole C: partition -> device properties - driver - update driver

      No success in both cases.


      Laptop vendor was not able to give constructive support.


      No success on finding the driver on Intel Web.

      therefore two questions arise:

      A) Why the installation of Intel chipset driver didn't result in installation of drivers for these two devices?

      B) Where download the missing drivers from?