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    DQ67SW - no beep during boot


      I recently build a new DQ67SW-based system.  I'm 75% sure that it did the normal single beep during boot that we're all used to.


      Somewhere along the line it stopped beeping, possibly when I updated to BIOS SWQ6710H.86A.0050.2011.0401.1409.  (I actually only noticed the lack of a beep after I swapped heatsinks, but that really doesn't make any sense...)


      Does anyone know how I can get my beep back?  Even though everything is working fine, I find this really disconcerting.




      (BTW, my loaded CPU temperature dropped by 15° C when I replaced the heatsink that came with my i7 2600 with a $30 unit from Fry's.  Yikes!)