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    [Issues] DP67BG no bip no post code LEDs




      Got a problem with my new config:


      - Intel DP67BG B3

      - Intel SandyBridge Corei5 2500K

      - Sapphire ATI5870 VaporX 1Go OC

      - Corsair CMPSU-650TXV2 650W

      - Kingston HyperX 4Go DDR3 1600M


      I've got no signal on my screen. (so no access to bios)

      - The post code LEDs is off.

      The fans are going good (front, cpu, upper and graphic card fan)



      - old graphic card on the intel DP67BG -> same problem

      - test with other alimentation -> same problem

      - test of the graphic card ATI5870 in a old pc -> no problem


      And because the DP67BG does not have an integrated graphic solution, i can't do anything...I must put a pci graphic card...


      Do you think could be a problem of the pci ?


      [EDIT] After test: no bip on start up, no post code LEDs messages.

      Card seems not to boot correctly.


      I think could be:

      - cpu issue ?

      - MOBO issue ?

      - PSU issue ?


      What can i Do ?




      (and sorry for my english)