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    Error Bios Update DH55PJ


      I've made a bios update in the mobo dh55pj, using the intel integrator assistant. I use this program for a long time, and never show problems to me. But when I try to upgrade the bios of this mobo, first time just failed to upgrade and return the msg box "Failed to upgrade BIOS". I Try again, but this time, the upgrade apears to be successful, but the system shut down after the upgrade. When I power up the pc again, only shows the custom splash screen that I put on the upgrade configs, and after a few seconds the system power down again. I've tried to clear CMOS and the recovery process using the bios jumper with a flash drive, but the bios don't write the version in the flash drive, keep the same version even the upgrade screen shows  that be successful. I've already made others upgrades in the same version of the mobo, this is the first time that hapen this error.


      The system is


      Core i5 760

      4 gb kingston

      Radeon 5450

      Windows 7 professional


      Someone have a solution other than RMA? =)