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    Order of driver installation


      I have a Intel® 6 Series Chipset Boards, Intel® Desktop Board DH67CL. I may need to reinstall Win7. At that point, I will need to reinstall the drivers. I downloaded what appear to be all the drivers:


      • Audio -  Realtek
      • LAN -  Intel
      • Infrared -  Nuvoton
      • Management  Engine - Intel
      • USB3 -  Renesas
      • Chipset -  Intel
      • Video -  Intel
      • RAID -  Intel


      My question is this: Is there a preferred order of installation on a new Win7 install?


      Thank you very much.

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          Reads in part: 1. Operating System, 2. Latest operating system service pack and patches, 3. Intel Chipset Device Software (Inf Utility), 4. All other device drivers (autio, graphics, LAN, etc.)


          This is the best info I've found to date and is consistent with past practice.  I install virus software last as long as only visiting trusted sites, otherwise, disable real-time virus scanning when installing additional software.  I currently use Microsoft Security Essentials and have not missed the complicated problems associated with other products offering a "boat-load" of features.

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            Thank you! That page is very helpful and leads to various other pages that fill in the picture quite nicely.


            Very grateful! Have a great weekend!