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    Asus P5KPL-CM, Intel G31 + ICH7, Windows 7.  Install the Intel SSD drivers?


      I haven't installed any of the Intel SSD storage drivers yet because I've read a lot of conflicting stuff on the web.


      I have a computer using an Asus P5KPL-CM motherboard which, according to the manual

      uses the "Intel G31" Northbridge and "Intel ICH7" Southbridge.


      I just did a fresh Windows 7 64-bit install on an Intel X25-V SSD.


      I can't tell if my motherboard actually supports AHCI.


      The BIOS options are...


      *  "Compatible" - Sets all SATA devices to operate in PATA mode.


      *  "Enhanced" - Sets all SATA devices to operate in SATA mode.


      I assume that Compatible is "IDE" mode, and "Enhanced" is AHCI mode, but I could be wrong.


      I *think* that the TRIM functionality is enabled using the default Microsoft drivers, but I don't know how to verify it for sure.


      I've read on the web that the Intel drivers only work properly if your motherboard supports AHCI.

      I've also read that you need an ICH8 or higher southbridge chip to get AHCI.


      Furthermore, I've read that once you install the Intel drivers and find out that they *don't* work, the only way to remove them is to re-install Windows.  This isn't someting I'd really want to do.


      The bottom line is I have no idea if I need / should / want to install the Intel drivers at this point.


      I want to get the full performance, lifespan, and benefits out of my new Intel SSD.

      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.