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    dq35jo (1143) fun


      (This is actually my second one, the other one had a condenser explosion, magic smoke, the works and was replaced under warranty)


      Note, as I read elsewhere. if you have UEFI boot turned on, your USB keyboard will not work if you want to configure intel raid.

      It also does not work when the CD gives you the "press any key to boot from CD/DVD/GOAT..."


      Turning off UEFI will allow you to hit ctrl-I and get to the raid setup.


      Then, it you have some of the virtualisation stuff turned on, your dvd stops at the end of "windows is loading flies" and that is it.


      Purely for entertainment value, I am installws w2k8 r2 on it. Seems fine so far.

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          Despite not being intended for servers and EOL, the DQ35JO seems fine with W2k8 R2

          2 drivers were not found, of course, they were the AMT/MEI ones and the windows 7 ones installed fine.


          While it is not a server board, the DQ series are cheaper, easier to find (well, they were until T-Zone went belly up)

          and work just fine for what I want to use. The remote control works too, since all I need is the occasional "reboot the stiff."


          I gave up on the intel raid because enabling UEFI stops the keyboard working when you need to type CTRL-I,

          but I did have one go through where I disabled, UEFI, set up the raid, renabled UEFI, booted and installed w2k8 r2.


          The old board is now having a thrash installing sqlexpress.

          • 2. I would agree

            I also enabled uEFI boot on this board and found the usb keyboard thing quite annoying. I do wonder if there is a way around that.


            Anyways, it does indeed run server 2008 r2 quite well. Well enough for any 'light duy' server use anyways.

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              You can use the USB keyboard with UEFI boot enabled if you run the 1109 BIOS.  I had to recover to 1109 with a USB key and the BIOS configuration jumper, as the Windows BIOS updater failed.  I have been using my DQ35JO since 2007.