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    Integrated GB NIC performance issues with DQ45EK and Citrix PVS 5.6


      I am using the DQ45EK system board. We are also using Citrix PVS to deliver streaming OS to desktops with these boards. We are in the midst of converting several of these systems from a 32-bit Windows XP OS to a 64-bit Windows 7 OS. These systems connect to a Gb port on a Cisco 3750G switch stack.


      I am having the following issue:


      Systems meeting the following criteria: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, with the latest Intel NIC drivers, 4GB RAM, no HDD, OS is delivered via Citrix PVS Services 5.6.


      Issue: Slow or intermittent network connectivity. Boot time is increased by %1000. Following boot up system behaves slowly. Now I can attribute the performance issues to the NIC since this system is reliant on the network for delivery of its OS. However, I had a similar issue with the same system running Windows XP wSP2. The issue was corrected with the a driver update. It now functions fine on a Gb port that is set to auto. This leads me to believe the 64-bit drivers are still buggy.


      Work around: I discovered that after I set the Cisco switchport to a fixed speed of 100Mb, the issue goes away (although this is not a good solution and I need to figure something out to fix it.


      I have tried a number of configuration on bothe the switch and the NIC driver setting, but to no avail.


      Question 1: Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, how did you fix it?


      Question 2: Has anyone been able to engage Intel engineering to fix a driver? Were you able to get any results?


      I have about 300 of these systems deployed in this scenario. It is crucial that I am able to fix the issue. I would appreciate any input.