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    Xeon Vs i7



      I am a new member here.
      I have a budget of about $ 650 to replace my processor and motherboard.
      The computer I use to do 3D work, modeling and rendering of interior and exterior. (I use software 3DS Max 2011). And I like to play the game.


      I am confused to choose between Xeon and i7. If I had to choose Xeon, which series? For i7, I chose i7 2600K.
      Can anyone help to convince me, which one is better for up to approximately 2 years in the future?


      Is there a benchmark to convince me?


      Thank you ...

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          If your primary usage for this system is 3D modeling, I recommend an Intel Xeon E3-based workstation with the Xeon E3-1270 SKU for comparable price/performance - additional performance details here. Intel Xeon-based systems also support Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory that delivers enhanced reliability by automatically detecting and correcting memory errors.


          If instead you’re mainly interested in a system for gaming purposes and you plan to overclock the CPU, the 2nd Gen Core i7-2600K is probably optimal as it supports overclocking which is often desirable for high-end desktop, gaming applications.

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            Thank You, Jennifer.


            I understand that You described. So I decided that I would use the computer mainly for work on 3D modeling, animating and rendering. But sometimes I also play the game. I've reduced my gaming time. Hahahaha ...
            I want to try to make the game itself.


            There are several questions that I want to ask:
            1. In what way Xeon is superior than the i7 in 3D softwares? I am interested in Xeon E3-1280.
            2. What is the difference between QPI and DMI (Bus Type)?
            3. Is the Xeon can be combined with non-ECC memory, or should be merged with ECC memory?
            4. Is Xeon still be used to play games like Crysis or Metro 2033? If not, no problem for me. I want to focus on 3D softwares.


            I am very grateful if You would answer my question again.

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              Hi, Jennifer ..
              After considering again, I finally decided, I'll put i7 2600K for my new computer. I have searched and found that the motherboard for the E3-1275 is still very rare.

              And if it intends to make the rendering engine, I think it do not half-hearted. It's really a dual Xeon. I think Nehallem still the best.

              Thank you, you have been very helpful.

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                I am also in the process of chosing between i7 vs Xeon for our 3D rendering AutoCAD Revit program.  Can you tell me how your i7 working for you so far?  My computer will only be use for work no game.




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                  Hai Cojo,


                  I personally can't compare between the Xeon and i7, because I never worked using a Xeon. But I would to show my computer benchmark results using Cinebench R11.5.


                  CPU (Single Core).jpg



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                    Thanks Tlaloc for replied.  I decided to go with i7 and have been working out great.  I can't really compare with our xeon systems either since they are the 2 years old xeon processor.



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                      hellow intel


                      im a student.


                      im intresting e3 with new instruction AVX and some other intruction 4 modeling 3d work




                      im little confusing about chossing xeon e3 with HD intel or without HD intel, is hd intel p3000 is powerfull enough to done the a complex 3d job/ animation?


                      is it shared memory or dedicated ram? cuz i dont want get laggy and botleneck anymore.


                      my question is can AVX still do job at e3 without hd intel?


                      does it can help other vga card at slot pci or like gaming vga/firegl/quadro doing a processing data?


                      im new on modeling 3d, does ecc for ram really is a must when rendering/modeling?


                      will there  be a dual socket mobo for e3 xeon at market in future?


                      is it good for zbrush application?


                      thnx u

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                        Vincent Randal

                        Jennifer Sanati, what is SKU?