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    JBOD option with RAID controller on S5000VSA?


      I currently have a mirrored OS drive on an S5000VSA board.  I need to install a simple SATA disk (1TB) as a backup destination for Server 2008.  After attaching my backup destination the Raid software marked the drive as "ready", in green no less.  Booting into windows shows no evidence of drive attached.  I wasn't able to find an opiton in the software to enable a simple single drive or Just A Bunch Of Disks option within the Intel RAID configuration software (or whatever it's called).  Is it at all possible to attach a single disk that can be accessed in the windows environment?  Or do I have redo my entire system?


      Ideally I'd like to manage these items in a windows environment the machine I'm working on is an hour's travel time for what should be a 5 minute operation.  Is there a configuration tool available now to configure/manage the raid within windows?


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          I guess you're using the onboard ESRT2 RAID. A new drive will not "passthrough" automatically. To use it, create a RAID 0 VD using only that physical drive.


          Yes of course there is a tool to configure/manage RAID in Windows. It's call RAID Web Console 2, and it can be downloaded here.

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            I had downloaded the RAID web console after I posted.  The only option I saw there was to create a hot spare with the drive.  Creating a striped array makes no sense, even if I had seen it I wouldn't have chosen it, because I would have assumed that I didn't have the required number of disks for a RAID 0.


            Pressed for time and results I connected the drive with a USB>SATA adapter and left it at that.  Had I known of the onboard controller had such limitations I would have chosen something else entirely.


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              A single drive RAID 0 is actually same as a single JBOD disk. For your future reference, to create a new VD in RWC2, right click on the controller and select "Create Virtual Drive".