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    Can't install windows 7 64


      I'm getting "missing CD/DVD driver" on the first stage of the installation.
      I searched a and found out that it might be because of my IDE DVD drive.
      I got myself a SATA DVD drive, but the message is the same.
      Also, when using a SATA DVD drive I can browse it to search for the  drivers (during this setup stage), while using an IDE DVD I couldn't  browse it. (although, started to install from it..)

      I tried to download all the Intel's drivers for my motherboard, but with no success.
      (the win7 setup says that these drivers didn't help to proceed)

      Motheboard: Intel DG33TL board
      I have 2 RAID arrays - RAID1 (2hdds) and RAID5 (3 hdds) - but it seems that the setup can browse them.

      Any help please?

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          I found a PATA driver which works, as well as feeding it all the drivers I can find,

          but yet I'm still getting a request for some drivers - "no new device was found", or stuff like that.


          I tried to put all the drivers that I found:
          SATA drivers (AHCI)
          RAID drivers
          and some more that I found at Intel's web site, but still it doesn't move ahead from this stage.

          Please assist