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    Is i3 Tri-Channel?


      I thought that all i3, i5 and i7 motherboards were trichannel instead of dual channel like the older Penium D and Core 2 boards.  If i3/i5/i7 MBs really are Tri-Channel, why do so many i3/i5/i7 boards come with 4 memory slots?   It seems that if you had 4 memory slots this would create an access imbalance since channels 1 and 2 would be assigned to memory slots 1 and 2 while channel three would be assigne to memory slots 3 and 4.  Wouldn't a setup like this on an i3/i5/i7 cause channels 1 and 2 to be accessed more frequently than the third channel and thereby lower total memory bandwidth?



      I have a Xeon E5504 base on the Nehalem architechture at home running on a SuperMicro X8DAL-i and it uses 3 memory banks for each of the two processors.  Right now, I only have one processor with 3 RAM sticks, but the 6 memory bank (multiple of 3) SuperMicro X8DAL-i seems to make a lot more sense to me than the goofy i3 motherboards that have 4 memory banks.