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    probleme with bios [POWER ON] -> at harware failure


      we have a small problem that we create very big concern for maintenance.
      "[option of the bios [POWER ON] -> at harware failure"
      Sometimes the motherboard does not restart after a power (over 2000 systems we have sold 10% of customers who made intervernir our after sales service for this problem) we can give ourselves the means or procedure so that it does happens more?

      you can repeat the symptom, with jumper 20 (bios recovery)

      1) Place the jumper in the recovery position
      2) power on (OK)
      3) put in its normal position
      4) power on (NOK)

      you had to use the ATX power switch is not used in our platform (arcade game)


      Motherboard DG41TY
      CPU E2160
      2GB DDR2
      USB Flash boot WinXP embeded

      Thank you

      Gabriel KEVER


      PS: this is very urgent