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    Adding additional disk to RAID-5


      I have an motherboard with an H67 chipset. A few days ago I setup a 3 2tb (Samsung) disk Raid-5. It took it probably a day to initialize. I then transferred about a terabyte of data to it and realized that I would probably need more space. I ordered another 2tb drive (samsung) and put plugged it up and added it to the array with Intel RST. It has gone to the "Migrating Data" phase. Initially it was very quick, probably 1% a minute up until it hit about 27%. It has now dropped to about .01% every 2-3 minutes. Nothing else is running on the computer the CPU is at 0-1% (Core i3 Sandy Bridge). I have rebooted the computer a couple times as well just to make sure nothing else could be hanging it up. Does it normally take this long to add another disk? at this rate it will probably take a week to migrate all of the data. Is there a way to give Intel RST more CPU to do what it needs to migrate the data?