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    Dead boot drive in RAID1


      W2008 server with S3420GPC using onboard RAID

      4 SATA drives

      Volume 1, drives 0 and 1
      Volume 2, drives 2 and 3

      drive 0 is the designated boot drive and, of course, the drive that died

      This is my plan for replacing.

      Boot to RAID controller <Ctrl-c>
      navigate to failed drive0 and remove it ** Question 1: Is this safe? Will the system boot from drive1 if I do this or should I use the CU to make drive1 the boot drive first?
      Power down the server and replace failed drive with new drive.  ** Question 2: Do I need to prep the new drive? Format or ?
      Power up and open RAID BIOS console, select the (new) drive and choose reuild

      What have I missed?  Thanks.


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          Are you configuring SATA RAID as Matrix Storage or Intel ESRT2?


          Either way you don't need to mark a drive bootable. Actually you only mark a Volume (or VD) bootable, not a physical hard drive.


          If you're using a hot swap backplane you can hot swap the failed HDD and start the rebuild from the GUI. You can also connect the new drive while the system is off, and rebuild should start upon boot. No you don't need to do anything to prepare the new drive. Just make sure it's blank and doesn't contain any previous RAID configuration (e.g. you haven't created a RAID volume using that disk on another machine).

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            It is running Matrix and is not hotswap hardware. Anyway, I will be trying this evening.  Thanks.