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    SSD HD


      I just bought new computer top of the module of each part as follow:


      main board GigaByte Intel P67

      CPU 17 2600k

      16 GB ram  1366Mhz

      Nvidia 430


      and SSD 120 GB hard drive connected in SATA 3.


      i install win 7 64 bit and all work amazing and very very fast until ...  i try to connect SATA 2  HD in the moment i add HD on sata 2 the computer become very slow , i connect 2T black WD totaly new and Grenn 1.5T WD in the moment i connect sata 2 HD all system start moving very slow.


      I update the chip set all drives are up to date but nothing help me.


      any one have any idea why its happen? any idea how to solve this problem ?




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          Try connecting the hard drive to the SATA 3 it should be backwards compatable.

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            Is there motherboard a B2 or B3 revision?  i.e. When did you purchase the motherboard?


            There is a known issue on B2 P67 with the SATA 3Gb/s ports that can cause performance degradation.  The SATA 6Gb/s are unaffected.   Motherboard manufacturers and Intel are working to replace the B2 for all customers.

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              thr problem was another new HD that was conected to this computer, now all is working perfect... its look like charter a bus.... i hope WD will handle the replacement in a quick way.