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    My 510 is not performing


      I have a new 510 120GB SSD installed into my i7 920 computer with an X58B motherboard.   I used a Rocket 620A Dual Port SATA 6GB/s interface card. The card reports the drive at boot time and says the mode is 6G.


      I installed a clean copy of Windows 7 Homer Premium.  First thing I noticed was that the 620A showed an invalid driver but I managed to get one from a website.  Have it in AHCI mode.


      Then I downloaed the Intell SSD toolbox.  It shows my SSD drive as well as my two 1 GB SATA drives.  However while I can click on the two 1GB drives if I click on the SSD drive the toolbox refreshes.  I cannot select the drive, but can select the two 1GB drives no problem.


      I checked my Windows 7 set-up, defrag was set and superfetch was enabled!  What the!


      I thne tried to use the Intel Firmware update. Booted onto the CD and it ran the Intel software but reported no SSD drives!


      I ran ATTO benchmark, my SSD is doing 120 MB/s top speed.


      Rather disappointed, have to assume this is somehow all screwed up, even though this is a 100% clean install of Windows 7, and Windows 7 had no problems identifying the drive and installing on to it.


      help please



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          The issue is most likely with the Rocket RAID card.... this is an entry-level host-based controller card.  I doubt the drivers support TRIM.


          In fact, you will most likely get better random perfomance on the ICH10R instead.  SATA 6Gb/s is nice for sequential performance but random performance is much more important for an OS/app drive.         

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            Moving the interface card to a different slot gave me 5GB/s access to the card and 300 MB/s access to the drive.  Not quite what was quoted but a lot better,  However the toolkit and the firmware upgrade still do not run.  Are you saying this is a problem with the Rocket card?  It does support TRIM and NCQ so does have drivers that do everything they are supposed to do.